Acousticabs Industrial Noise Control

Perforated Acoustic Wall Panels - Profiled Acoustic APP Liner

PWP2-5 - Perforated noise absorbing wall panels from in classroom: APP Profile C18


PWP2-1   -   Exterior acoustic lining to plant area wall with perforated profiled APP Liners PWP2-2   -   Acoustic wall lining to science classroom with perforated APP Liners, type J32B PWP2-3   -   Acoustic panelling to rear wall of concert arena from APP Acoustic Liners with enhanced low frequency acoustic absorption PWP2-4   -   Perforated acoustic wall panels in school music rooms from APP C18 panels with curved profile 
PWP2-5   -   Perforated noise absorbing wall panels from in classroom: APP Profile C18 PWP2-6   -   Perforated acoustic wall lining panels in a factory: APP profile J32B PWP2-7   -   APP profiled acoustic wall lining: Profile J32A 
PWP2-8   -   <p>Exterior acoustic lining to rear of pub for control of environmental noise from the beer garden:</p>  
<p>APP J32 exterior wall lining installed in conjunction with profiled acoustic screen system</p>
PWP2-9   -   Perforated acoustic wall panels with curved profile: APP C18 acoustic liner system PWP2-10   -

Acousticabs APP Liners provide a cost effective, attractive and robust finish for noise absorbing wall treatments.

Liners are designed for a variety of situations in industrial and commercial premises where control of reverberant noise requires acoustic treatment of large surfaces.

Typical applications include acoustic linings to gyms, school dance rooms, corridors and studios.

Alternative versions are suitable for industrial use within manufacturing areas, or for environmental noise control in conjunction with acoustic screening.

APP Liners can also be fitted as a very robust perforated acoustic ceiling - installed either direct to the soffit or as a suspended profiled acoustic ceiling.

APP Liners are manufactured from steel and aluminium sheet which is specially perforated and profiled to maximise the sound absorption characteristics of the acoustic core material.

The Liners are overlapped and mounted on rails fixed to the wall, allowing rapid treatment of large areas.

APP Liners are fitted over a suitable acoustic core material faced with a black acoustic fleece. For exterior applications, a water repellent facing is used.

Treated areas are trimmed with aluminium, steel or timber cappings.

APP Liners are available in two forms - the curved C18 profile and the deeper J32 rectangular profile.

The absorption coefficient is given below measured in accordance with EN ISO 354. The tests relate to APP profile J32 with acoustic slab core installed direct (no air gap). Results for APP profile C18 are similar. Test performance with alternative acoustic infills is also available.

Hertz:1252505001K2K4KAbs Class
ODS 850.150.650.900.900.900.95A
ODS 1300.601.

APP Liners are composed of incombustible materials. They meet the highest international standards including Class 0 under the UK Building Regulations.

Standard:1000 cover width x 2500mm long
1000 cover width x 3000mm long

Non-standard: Liners are decoiled to any length to suit particular applications.

Standard colours: galvanised or light grey pre-coated steel.

Alternative: colours from pre-coated steel range (minimum quantities apply).

Special colour: PPC to any RAL shade.

Alternative colours from pre-coated steel range (minimum quantities apply)

(see 'Pre-coated Colour Range')

APP Liners and trims are supplied in a polyester powder-coated finish to standard RAL or BS colours. A variety of pre-coated steel, metallic and anodised finishes are also available. APP Liners can be brushed, vacuum cleaned or wiped with a wet sponge. Some types are suitable for hosing down/external use.