Sportsliner acoustic wall panelling fitted in a sports hall. The acoustic lining is installed full height between door head and soffit.

Sportsliner is an acoustic wall lining system designed for sports halls. It combines high levels of acoustic performance with extreme robustness providing a long term solution to sports hall reverberation. The system is available in a wide range of standard colours and can also be powder-coated to match Sport England colour requirements.

Sportsliner is a perforated metal profile which is backed with a special damping layer and a high density acoustic core. The system is designed for the acoustic treatment of large wall areas, either in bands or extending from door height right up to the soffit.

Sportsliners are fitted direct to walls or onto a steel framing system. This allows a single liner to cover all elements of the underlying construction. The system can be installed to cover existing features such as sheeting rails, steelwork and services. This makes it suitable for refurbishment projects as well as new builds.

Sportsliners provide Class A acoustic performance – the highest level under ISO 11654. This reduces the area of treatment required. The standard thickness is 85mm. Thicker liners provide increased low frequency performance for specialist applications.

All Sportsliner components are either non-combustible or Class 0 fire rated.
The system is unaffected by high levels of humidity.
Standard: 1000 cover width x 2500mm long
1000 cover width x 3000mm long

Non-standard: Liners are decoiled to any length to suit particular applications

The profiled and perforated Sportsliner finish comes in standard colours or any RAL colour you choose. colours can be matched to Sport England preferred shades. For pre-coated colours see colour chart.
Sportsliner can be sponged down using normal liquid detergents.
Basketball hoops can be mounted through the Sportsliner finish using spacers. Conduit and other equipment can be surface mounted onto the system as required. Alternatively, the Sportsliner is trimmed around fixtures using matching channels.

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