Perforated Acoustic Panel  (RC50)

RC50 Perforated Acoustic Panels in a Process Control Room

Acousticabs perforated wall panels are designed for lining walls where a robust finish needs to be combined with a high level of acoustic performance.

Type RC50MP panels have a powder-coated micro-perforated steel or aluminium finish giving a very high standard of appearance. RC50MP panels are suitable for use in offices, lecture theatres and schools.

Type RC50 panels have a standard perforated steel finish in pre-coated or galvanised steel. RC50 acoustic panels are used in corridors, plant rooms and around noisy machinery. RC100 panels are used where enhanced low frequency performance is required.

All panels consist of a perforated steel outer casing fitted around a Class A noise absorbing core. The core materials is a dense acoustic mineral fibre with a black acoustic fleece. FRC panels have a core of lightweight Acoustifoam. Panels are normally installed upright. Vertical edges are butt jointed. Panels are retained with a channel or zed section at head and base.

The noise absorption coefficient is given below, measured in accordance with ISO 354 (reverberant room method).

Absorption Coefficient

Hertz: 125 250 500 1K 2K 4K Abs Class
RC50 0.17 0.62 0.95 0.94 0.95 1.00 A
RC100 0.49 0.84 1.00 0.91 0.96 0.89 A
All components of the system are rated Class 0 under UK Building Regulations.
All panels are edge B (butt jointed on long edges)

RC50 300 2400 50
RC50 600 1200 50
RC100 600 1200 100
FRC50 600 1200 50
FRC50 300 2400 50
RC50MP and FRC50MP: Powder-coated perforated steel or aluminium with dark perforations
RC50 and RC100: Galvanised or grey pre-coated perforated steel with dark perforations
Other pre-coated colours – see ‘Pre-coated Colour Range’.
All panels can be wet cleaned. Panels with optional encapsulated core can be high pressure cleaned.

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