SP Acoustic Enclosure Panels

Large SP acoustic enclosure around spinning lathes. The enclosure includes increased height to accommodate a crane.

The SP Acoustic Enclosure System is a versatile range of modular acoustic panels designed to provide effective noise control in many general industrial and commercial environments. Panels are manufactured with an integral flush joint which, combined with the inherent flatness of the panels themselves, gives a high standard of appearance to any acoustic housing or noise control refuge constructed from SP Acoustic Panels.

Typical applications range from noise resistant factory offices, sound refuges and quiet rooms for process control to acoustic enclosures around large printing presses and acoustic housings for ventilation plant.

SP Acoustic Panels consist of a high density acoustic fibre core bonded to a light grey, precoated steel outer skin and a solid or perforated inner skin. The high strength, lamella bonded construction maintains great panel stiffness and flatness over large panel sizes.

The SP System can be used to construct frameless acoustic enclosures with a roof span of max 3000 mm. Larger, or non – standard constructions include an internal steel frame.

The SP system includes acoustic doors, demountable panels and acoustic vents.

For external applications, SP acoustic enclosures are fitted with a profiled steel pitched roof, appropriate gutters and downpipes.

Factory assembled units are supplied complete with lifting lugs and an internal frame, ready to be lowered into position. Alternatively, Acousticabs site teams are available to install large or small acoustic enclosures throughout the UK.

SP Panels are easy to cut on site to accommodate services and other obstructions, making them simple and quick to install. Where required, complete enclosure kits can be supplied in flat pack form for assembly by local contractors or by the end user.

SP Acoustic Panels Absorption Coefficient (Alpha)

(EN ISO 140-3) Herz
Name Panel Panel Finish 125 250 500 1K 2K Class
SP SP50 Plain/Perf 0.35 0.7 0.9 0.9 0.9 A
SP SP80 Plain/Perf 0.6 0.75 0.95 0.95 0.958 A
SP SP100 Plain/Perf 0.60 0.9 0.95 0.95 0.95 A

SP Acoustic Panels Sound Insulation Performance (dB)

(EN ISO 140-3) Herz
Name Panel Panel Finish 125 250 500 1K 2K RW
SP SP50 Plain/Perf 18 24 30 35 42 34
SP SP50 Plain/Plain 25 25 29 35 38 34
SP SP80 Plain/Perf 20 26 33 38 42 36
SP SP100 Plain/Perf 21 27 33 38 40 37
AP SP50 Double Wall



27 42 54 60 66 52
SP Acoustic Panels are constructed from steel and acoustic Rockfibre and therefore have excellent fire characteristics: Reaction to Fire (EN 13501-1) A2:s1:d0.

SP50 Acoustic Panels

565 x 2500 x 50 (stock colour grey RAL 7044)

565 x 3000 x 50 (stock colour grey RAL 7044)

565 x 2400 x 50 (white)

1180 x 2400 x 50 (white)

565 wide x any length (max 6000) manufactured to order.

1180 wide x any length (max 6000) manufactured to order

SP80 and SP100 Acoustic Panels

All 80 and 100mm thick panels are manufactured to order in standard widths 565 and 1180 (x length as required)

Panel Weight

SP50 panels weigh 19.1 kg/m2

SP80 panels weigh 24.2 kg/m2

SP100 panels weigh 27.6 kg/m2

Colour and Finish

Standard SP50 panels are faced with precoated steel light grey RAL 7044 on the plain and the perforated face.

Alternatively precoated steel white (RAL 9010)

Powder coated steel to specified RAL colour

Natural galvanised

Natural aluminium


All panels can be wet cleaned using a cloth or soft brush and liquid detergent.

Fittings, Doors and Windows

Trims: Standard trims and jointing sections for SP50 panels are extruded aluminium sections (natural or powder coated)

Trims for SP80 and SP100 panels are galvanized or precoated steel.

Steelwork: Internal support frames where required are fabricated from 60 x 60 /80 x 80 or 100 x 100 SHS steel and powder coated as required.


Standard doors are powder coated steel with an SHS steel frame, aluminium door furniture and non-trip threshold. Single and double doors are manufactured to standard sizes:

900 x 2100 (single)

1800 x 2100 (double)

1800 x 3000 (double)

Non standard sizes are made to order.

Aluminium doors are also available where a lower acoustic rating is acceptable.


Windows are double glazed laminated glass or non scratch polycarbonate mounted in an extruded aluminium frame. Windows are made to any size.

Ventilation Equipment:

Acoustic Ventpacks, Acoustic Louvres and forced vent systems can be incorporated in any enclosure to suit particular requirements.

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