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Acousticabs Industrial Noise Control has been established in York, England since 1982, providing solutions for difficult building acoustics and for industrial and environmental noise problems.

We employ a broad range of standard acoustic products complemented by innovative designs for special applications.

We supply or supply and install our products all over the UK.

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Acoustic Treatments in Schools

Our range includes high performance acoustic panels and acoustic baffles to control reverberation  in schools and colleges in order to meet (or exceed) the requirements of the latest BB93 (Acoustic Design of Schools) and the PSBP (Priority Schools Building Programme).

Echoing Entrances, Atria and Reception Areas

We can transform the acoustics of big echoing spaces with discreet acoustic linings or with dramatic printed acoustic panels and acoustic rafts.

Noisy Community Halls and Multi-purpose Spaces

The acoustic of village halls and community centres is often very poor.  The resulting high levels of echoing noise make it difficult to understand what is going on.  Our acoustic baffles, acoustic wall panels and acoustic ceilings solve these problems by absorbing the noise.

Restaurant Noise

Most restaurants are too noisy for their own good.  Customers cannot relax and struggle to understand conversation.  We have easily fitted acoustic panels to soften the high frequency sounds so that conversation becomes possible and a meal becomes a pleasure.

Acoustics in Studios and Auditoria

Our contracts range from converting existing rooms into cost effective studios for schools right up to developing specialist low frequency acoustic linings for large theatre spaces

Sports Hall Acoustics

We have high impact acoustic panel systems and perforated acoustic liners which can resist sports hall impacts so that the acoustic standards of Sport England and BB93 can be met.

Industrial Noise Control

Many common industrial noise problems can be resolved quickly with acoustic enclosures constructed from modular perforated acoustic panels.  This clip-together system is available ex stock and is supplied factory assembled or in flat pack kit for self-assembly.

Quiet Control Rooms

We manufacture special acoustic rooms for keeping the noise out – these  can be designed as sound refuges or as fitted out process control rooms which are craned into position, fully assembled and ready to use.

Rooftop Acoustic Screens

Our perforated acoustic screen system slots together to provide environmental noise control for all types of external plant – and it looks really good too.

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